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    1305 - Hi Touch Hi Tech

    Science made fun with High Touch High Tech!

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    Read Notice1305-1Hi Touch Hi Tech 4-64 years to under 7 yearsN/A09/24/18 - 12/17/18M 2:00P - 2:55PItem DetailsUnavailable

    1306 - Amazing Art K-3

    Pottery Painting with Amazing Art.
    Amazing Art combines all your favorite art projects and mixed media in this unique class.
    Kids will make Tie Dye shirts (art smocks for the session), experience pottery painting, create fired ceramic arts, paint a canvas acrylic painting, and do recycled arts projects and more. Lessons will include concepts and techniques kids can use for a lifetime and the experience of creating awesome projects will result in great self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment. All new lessons for every session.

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    Read Notice1306-1Amazing Art K-3Birth and UpKinder - 3rd09/28/18 - 12/14/18F 3:25P - 4:15PItem DetailsUnavailable

    1308 - NS Cooking Academy

    Cooking class led by North Shore Cooking Academy.
    These hands-on classes are the perfect place for children to learn lifelong cooking skills that can be artistic, creative and sometimes surprising. Students taste what they make at the end of class and will receive a book wit the recipes they created at the completion of the course. NOTE: ingredients may include dairy, egg, wheat, soy and products that were manufactured at a facility that also produces nut products.

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    Read Notice1308-1Little Chefs 4-6y4 years to under 7 yearsN/A09/26/18 - 12/19/18W 2:00P - 3:05PItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice1308-2Chefs in Train.Birth and Up1st - 3rd09/26/18 - 12/19/18W 3:15P - 4:30PItem DetailsUnavailable

    1309 - Young Rembrandts

    Drawing class led by Young Rembrandts
    Young Rembrandts introduces drawing lessons that will excite your budding artist. Learning to draw basic shapes is a critical building block for every young learner. Our lady bug and gumball machine provide excellent practice for drawing circle shapes. From there, our lessons will become more challenging. Our Frankenstein monster is a great introduction to character drawings and our delicious candy bag and beautiful fall scene will strengthen your child's compositional skills. Enroll your child into a Young Rembrandts class today. THEY WILL LOVE IT! Questions about our program? 847-695-3581

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    Read Notice1309-1YR Drawing 4-6y4 years to under 7 yearsN/A09/25/18 - 12/18/18Tu 2:00P - 2:55PItem DetailsCancelled

    1310 - Martial Arts

    Connelly's Academy provides the families in our communities with a unique developmental vehicle. We teach Martial Art values (Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control and Indomitable Spirit) and physical skills using a non-competitive, challenge-education and game-based learning approach. This teaching approach makes classes fun, safe and rewarding experiences for students of all ages, levels of maturity, and physical ability. The kids enjoy themselves while growing physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally. Parents tell us that their children have gained confidence, focus, impulse control and the grit to accomplish goals in other areas of their lives.

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    Read Notice1310-1Martial Arts-4-6y4 years to under 7 yearsN/A09/27/18 - 12/20/18Th 2:00P - 2:55PItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice1310-2Martial Arts 1st-3Birth and Up1st - 3rd09/27/18 - 12/20/18Th 3:15P - 4:15PItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice1310-3Martial Arts-1st-8thBirth and Up1st - 8th09/29/18 - 12/15/18Sa 1:00P - 2:00PItem DetailsUnavailable

    1312 - NSMI Music

    Music is fun and it feeds your soul! If you start early it will be part of you foreverK-3rd graders will learn and experience the basics of music from the talented instructors at North Shore Music Institute. Voice, percussion instruments, and ukulele are excellent vehicles to get kids inspired to create and express themselves. Sign your child up now to pick up a skill they can pass on to their children!!!

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    Read Notice1312-1NSMI Music-K-3rdBirth and UpKinder - 3rd09/24/18 - 12/17/18M 3:15P - 4:15PItem DetailsUnavailable

    1313 - CLD Hip Hop

    Under the creative direction of skilled Chicago Loves Dance instructors, students will learn choreography to newest pop/dance songs, show off their creativity in free-style choreography sessions and more. Chicago Loves Dance runs on the philosophy that dance should open your child's creative abilities and be FUN! We pride ourselves on teaching the self-esteem and socialization needed in everyday life through the activity of dance and performance. The last day of the class will be a parent watch day where they will do a short performance to show off their new talents!

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    Read Notice1313-1Hip Hop K-3rdBirth and UpKinder - 3rd09/25/18 - 12/18/18Tu 3:15P - 4:15PItem DetailsUnavailable

    1314 - Glitzy Girlz Rock Fashion Diva

    Come join Glitzy Girlz for a ROCKIN good time!
    Staff will give a rock princess make-over with hair, crown, colored hair spray, make-up and neon nails application. Decorate a craft with paints, stamps and embellishments and design a beautiful beaded bracelet. Our Glitzy Staff gets the party started with a fun dance section complete with a prop microphone to take home. A goodie bag leaves with every rock star too!

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    Add to Cart1314-1Glitzy Girlz4 years to under 12 yearsN/A11/09/18 - 11/09/18F 6:30P - 8:00PItem DetailsAvailable

    1315 - Magic

    Magic of Gary Kantor - learn tricks with cards, coins, mind-reading. Magic kit to take home.

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    Read Notice1315-1Magic - 10/115 years to under 13 yearsN/A10/11/18 - 10/11/18Th 5:00P - 5:55PItem DetailsUnavailable

    1323 - RoboThink

    RoboThink offers academically oriented STEM programs focusing on robotics and coding for budding, intermediate, and/or advanced students. We are aligned with Next Gen Science standards and allow students to be hands on and engaged in problem solving formulation and solving it through design. Armed with motors, sensors, gears and mainboards, students build and code robot creations of all shapes, sizes and functions! Each session, students are introduced to engineering and coding concepts through our trained instructors and STEM workbooks. Students are in turn, asked to apply these concepts to solve challenges, provide solutions to problems and build creative robots in a fun environment. No prior experience is required; there are different curricula to adjust for different experience levels.

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    Read Notice1323-1RoboThinkBirth and Up1st - 6th09/25/18 - 12/18/18Tu 4:30P - 6:00PItem DetailsUnavailable

    1504 - Illinois Baseball Academy

    Illinois Baseball Academy Young players gain confidence, improve coordination, and appreciate the joys of teamwork & sportsmanship during weekly games with age appropriate practices. Participants can sign up individually, as part of a small group, or as a complete 10-member team. Please contact IBA at with questions and requests. Players will participate in weekly coach-pitch games while also improving their skills through various drills and activities. Players will learn positions, play with outs and experience baseball at a more challenging level. Coaching is by staff members of the Illinois Baseball Academy who will run practices and games. Parent volunteers will be given the opportunity to assist as well. If you are interested in volunteering, please indicate so on the registration form. The commitment is minimal and the reward is great!

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    Read Notice1504-1Min/Maj Fall League4 years to under 7 yearsN/A09/16/18 - 10/07/18Su12:00P - 1:00PItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice1504-2Intro to Baseball6 years to under 8 years1st - 1st09/16/18 - 10/07/18Su 1:30P - 3:00PItem DetailsUnavailable

    1506 - Hot Shot Sports

    Hot Shot Sports aims to develop young athletes who will grow emotionally, physically, and intellectually in their sports programs. Please click on the information button below for more specific details for each program.

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    Read Notice1506-1HS Grid Flag Footbl4 years to under 7 yearsN/A09/24/18 - 12/17/18M 4:15P - 5:00PItem DetailsCancelled
    Read Notice1506-2HS Jr. Golf4 years to under 7 yearsN/A09/25/18 - 12/18/18Tu 4:15P - 5:00PItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice1506-3HS Sports & More3 years to under 6 yearsN/A09/26/18 - 12/19/18W 4:15P - 5:00PItem DetailsCancelled
    Read Notice1506-4HS Adult/Tot Sports2 years to under 5 yearsN/A09/29/18 - 12/15/18Sa 9:00A - 9:45AItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice1506-5HS Striker Tots Socc3 years to under 6 yearsN/A09/29/18 - 12/15/18Sa 9:45A - 10:25AItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice1506-6HS Triple Play4 years to under 7 yearsN/A09/29/18 - 12/15/18Sa10:30A - 11:30AItem DetailsCancelled
    Add to Cart1506-7HS Winter Brk Camp4 years to under 7 yearsN/A12/26/18 - 12/28/18W-F 9:00A - 12:00PItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart1506-8HS Winter Brk Camp4 years to under 7 yearsN/A01/02/19 - 01/04/19W-F 9:00A - 12:00PItem DetailsAvailable

    1509 - Sports Mania - K

    Basketball, floor hockey, soccer, relays, tag games.

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    Read Notice1509-1Sports Mania - KBirth and UpKinder - Kinder09/26/18 - 12/19/18W 2:00P - 2:55PItem DetailsUnavailable

    1510 - Super Sports 1st-3rd

    Super Sports - soccer, t-ball, basketball and more!

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    Read Notice1510-1Super Sports 1st-3rdBirth and Up1st - 3rd09/26/18 - 12/19/18W 3:15P - 4:15PItem DetailsUnavailable

    1511 - Golf K-3rd

    Learn the basics of golf: driving, chipping and putting.

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    Read Notice1511-1Golf K-3rdBirth and UpKinder - 3rd09/25/18 - 12/18/18Tu 3:15P - 4:00PItem DetailsUnavailable

    1512 - Flag Football-K-3rd

    This class is designed to teach the basics of football in a fun and non-contact environment. The first few classes will consist of drills and skill development, followed by several weeks of game play. This class is a great way to get your child involved in football in a safe and exciting environment!

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    Read Notice1512-1Flag Football-K-3rdBirth and UpKinder - 3rd09/24/18 - 12/17/18M 3:15P - 4:15PItem DetailsFull

    1706 - CLD P/C Yoga

    This class is geared towards the comfort level of both children and adults. Learn poses, movements, stretch and most importantly spend time together is this fun and interactive fitness class. Yoga Mats are supplied.

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    Read Notice1706-1CLD P/C YogaBirth and Up1st - 6th09/24/18 - 12/17/18M 6:00P - 7:00PItem DetailsCancelled
    Read Notice1706-1ACLD P/C Yoga Add'lBirth and Up1st - 6th09/24/18 - 12/17/18M 6:00P - 7:00PItem DetailsCancelled

    1710 - E-Town Pickleball Lessons

    Improve your Pickleball skills with E-Town Tennis's Ken Herrmann. Ken and his staff will run lessons and drills for adult Pickleball players levels 3.0-3.5 only. Ken is a Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional (IPTPA Level II) and will lead these group lessons for up to 12 players.

    All players must register ahead of the class beginning and be 3.0-3.5 level Pickleball players.

    Fee includes 1 hour lesson/drills and 2 hours of Open Play Pickleball in Northfield immediately after class each Friday.

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    Read Notice1710-1E-Town Pickleball18 years and UpN/A09/21/18 - 11/02/18F 3:30P - 4:30PItem DetailsCancelled